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Kathy's Dad
My Living Legend is my father, who was a hard-working and tough yet caring and compassionate man. His commitment to raising me and my siblings during our childhood and guiding us to be our best selves as adults is something I could never repay. Now that he is 92 and depends on me to help him stay safe, healthy and happy, I feel it is my time to honor him by helping him stay at home with a top-notch caregiver.

Yet, I also felt like there needed to be a platform for daughters, sons, spouses, grandchildren and friends to celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of their senior loved ones. Many seniors truly are Living Legends not just to their families but to the community at large, and we created this website as a tribute to the wonderful lives older adults have lived!

If you have a Living Legend you would like to honor, submit their image and story on this site. Thank you for visiting.

From our family to yours,
Kathy N. Johnson
Kathy Johnson