Sally Harris

My mommy is the most loving, generous, caring, intelligent woman that I know. As a single mom she raised my sister and I to believe that with Faith in God, Bold Prayers, Family, honesty and hard work you WILL do anything you set your mind to. She instilled the value of education in our lives and as I cheered her on at her marathons I saw the true value and importance of a healthy lifestyle. When my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 11 years ago she never once questioned if she wouldn’t make it, only how long it would be until she could run 5 miles again. To this day we both say that the “silver lining” to her Cancer was the hours we spent together during her chemo. At 25 I had a life of my own, friends and work yet the first time I heard her say that she had cancer no one was or ever will be as important to me as my mother! She ensured me that God had a plan and that I could not rush that plan and that sometimes you don’t get what you want when you want it. As my mother got stronger, I found myself evolving into a stronger woman too! Without her guidance and encouragement I would not be with the man of my dreams today and running a business that I TRULY LOVE!!! Thank you Mommy for your LOVE, SUPPORT and GUIDANCE over the past 36 years!