Larry is truly a remarkable man!! He has run over 28 Marathons in the past 30 years! Unfortunately, Larry had some Mild Cognitive Impairment that was diagnosed in 2012. He underwent arthroscopic Knee surgery about 4 months ago, and when he came out of the anesthesia he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. I met his daughter Brandie several months ago, and she refused to give up on her dad! She asked Home Care Assistance to provide daily care for Larry in the hopes that he would be happier and healthier with time! Larry has also refused to give up, and every day that we are with him he works on the Cognitive Therapeutics Method and goes for a 2 mile walk. Recently we participated in a local 5k with Larry, and seeing the smile on his face was priceless! He has a passion for life and refuses to give up!! He is an INSPIRATION to ALL OF US!!!