Andrew Landers

My father, Andrew Landers, is my living legend. To the outside world, my dad, or “Doc” as others knew him, saved lives as a prodigious general surgeon. He worked tirelessly at his practice, sometimes working through the night to help others. Yet, another side of him was just as important: his love for the mountains and his children. My dad taught me and my siblings to ski just as we were learning to walk. He spent much time skiing with us during the winter and hiking with us during the summer. He also influenced everyone he met in the lodge of his favorite ski resort, Alpine Meadows, by telling stories of fun in the mountains and on the lake of decades past. He never boasted about his professional accomplishments. Even though there were many, he always focused on his love for the mountains and took every opportunity to share his experiences with others through stories and by inviting them to visit. This legacy is why I’d like to honor my father, my living legend.